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Thread: Live footage of aerial combat WW2. Amazing….

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    Live footage of aerial combat WW2. Amazing….

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    I have a feeling a handle of people are going to be very interested in what I post in the near future.

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    Wow, that's incredible. Thanks for the link. It's great to see some color footage taken by the Fifth Air Force, doing what they did best @ 6:34.

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    Great video. My great aunt who's now 89 lived her entire life in Normandy, where most of this footage comes from, and to this day, she is still terrified at the sound of any aircraft coming in lower than usual. Gives you a sense of the tragedy and of the price paid by so many. Ridiculous times.

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    Very interesting to see this sort of thing in color for once. I still can't believe this is what my Dad had to deal with when he flew with the Eighth, no wonder nothing else stressed him out after that(except my brother and I being jacka**es growing up)

    I once asked him if he could hear the bombs his B-24 released when they hit the ground, but he said there was no way to hear that from 25000 feet, and all he ever heard was the sound of the engines, and the 50-cals going off in the back, and some of the flak bursts.

    Thanks for posting


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