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Thread: MTA Holiday Train 2013

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    MTA Holiday Train 2013

    Runs on the 6th Avenue line every Sunday from now until New Year's.

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    That looks like last year's promo: "every Sunday from November 25 to December 30" but neither of those dates is a Sunday this year, the box promoting the Transit Museum's train show "Through February 10, 2013" and most noticeable, "The cost to ride is $2.25, the same as any other train" - as I discovered when I was in NY over Thanksgiving, the subway fare is now $2.50. Not saying they aren't going to do this, but I wouldn't base my trip into the city on that promo.

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    I passed by Grand Central last week and the Holiday Train Show looks exactly like last years', and the year before. What really is missed is "The Station" at Citigroup that really was a great train exhibit with multiple illuminations, animations, and changing seasons and various trains from the past, the Chief, the Zephyr, and much more). Everytime I visited, I noticed new animation and characters ( ice skaters, carollers,etc). CitiCorp ended sponsorship and now sponsors an ice skating rink and rental bikes.


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