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Thread: Final DC-10 Pax Flight

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    Final DC-10 Pax Flight

    I flew a few times on AA both from JFK and LGA, was always one of my favorites.
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    Ohh yes I saw this article yesterday. Amazing that we have gotten to a place where DC-10s are turning into a piece of history. It has always been one of my favorite aircraft. The sight and sounds of them. I never got used to seeing BBC's DC10s operate in and out of JFK.
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    Back in the late 70's, I took a National DC-10 to Florida. It was my first time on an airplane, so it was most enjoyable. (That and going to Disneyworld!) Also went on a couple of trips by AA. Interestingly, the AA jets had a more roomy configuration when flying overwater legs. Over land, it was cram-packed with seats with no room to move! But I'm guessing most airlines do that depending on routes.

    Between the DC-10 and L1011, I'd still prefer the L1011. And now that they've both been gone from US skies for years, I'm curious if any more airliners will ever be designed with 3 engines in mind.
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    However, the engine for the DC-10, the General Electric CF-6, will live on for many more years and remains in production today. The engine that powered the L-1011, the Rolls Royce RB-211 also lives on. As do the offspring of the -211, the Trents.

    The engine chosen for the 747, the JT-9, has all but disappeared from service.

    As important as these widebody aircraft were, without the cutting edge high bypass turbofan engines that had been designed for them, these aircraft would have been nothing more than design exercises.

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    Never got to ride on one. They were reliable machines, despite the negative media they got in the 70's. I'm surprised they're offering final flights next year, if the plane is going to be retired in the US they should be doing that here

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    Hey now, there is at least still one DC-10 operator that carries pax!

    It's a sad day for "Big Sexy" and all her fans around the world. The DC-10 is such an awesome airplane to fly - it's the Cadillac of the skies!

    I feel lucky that I still get to take her all over the world, but unfortunately, this is probably a pre-cursor of what's to come with the KC-10s in the not too distant future.

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    I sure wish I could run over to BHX and fly that enthusiast flight sure sounds like fun. If you have not heard that Biman bird will continue on to BFI and join the great collection at the Museum of Flight. Fortunately I got to have my share of DC-10 rides mainly in the seventies and eighties. My first ever wide body flight was on Nationals brand new and first DC-10 N60NA "Barbara" in Nov 1971 prior to her entry into revenue service. My childhood home airport of TPA was on of several cities NAL brought Ship 60 to for tours and $10 approx 45 minute sightseeing flights. Ill never forget that 45 minutes in Seat 4A (First Class) with my 11 year old face glued to the window especially when we did a low pass over the then 6th month old WDW Magic Kingdom.

    I went on to fly DC-10's of National probably around 15 times mainly intra Florida. I also logged two legs on Northwest DC-10-40's 15 years apart, Western LAX-SLC, 4 or 5 on AA and twice on United including in late 2000 only a month or two before they ended their large DC-10 operation. The one I flew SFO-ORD was very long in the tooth and the FA in my section even mentioned they were not repairing the many (non safety related) cabin in perfections (including the non working audio controls at my seat) because they were retiring it next month she said.

    I only got to work a DC-10 once,and what a thrill and fun story. Near the beginning of my almost 2 year employment adventure at Northeastern International Airways we sub serviced an Arrow Air DC-10 for a few days when one of our A-300's was delayed a few days in delivery from LH. I worked in PBI out of not the main terminal so it was a non jetway hard stand operation. When N902JW arrived from JFK around midnight I met the inbound and we deplaned from both the L1 and L2 doors via truck stairs. It was around 0130 when our contract cleaning supervisors stormed into my office very upset. This was his crews first time cleaning a DC-10 and it was a typical warm humid night in South Florida. One of the cleaners was very hot so he decided to open the L3 door right over the wing to try and get some air into the hot cabin. He got the surprise of his life when the large and very impressive slide deployed complete with a lighted walkway out over the wing. Needless to say I didn't go home that night, the morning departure to JFK cancelled and the slide was deflated, placed in the cabin, and Ship 902 ferried to MIA the next day to have Arrows MTC team repair and repack it. Later that night I do admit to taking I think two trips down that slide, damn that was fun. Below is the only photo I can find of what a DC-10 overwing slide looks like deployed and this one is only partially inflated but will give you the general idea.

    I hope a at least a few of you have enjoyed my recollections. And to the DC-10. Thanks for the Memories and some VERY fun flights.

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    Farewell to the DC-10s 1970-2013 Im gonna miss seeing them around, although there are still very little still flying in the skies today for cargo, but not many left. FedEx still flies a large amount but not for very long. As for the passenger DC-10s never to be forgotten.
    Sergio has been a huge Delta Air Lines fan since 1992!!

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