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Thread: Canon EOS M?

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    Canon EOS M?

    I'm considering picking up an EOS M mirrorless camera to add to my arsenal. I currently have a 5D Mark II and 7D, and this would be used to hold a third lens. It would be primarily for wider sports shots and photojournalism.

    Does anyone here have one or have any experience using it? How is the quality? Are the images DSLR quality or are they point-and-shoot quality?

    I would be buying the adapter and using it with a 50 or 24-70 lens.

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    Hi Chris,

    I bought the EOS M on Black Friday because a local camera store was offering it for $280 as in the previous post. I returned it about two weeks later! Here are a few of the reasons why I returned it.

    1.) Auto Focusing - On a clear and bright day, it would focus really good with no issues. It struggled in low light. And by struggle, it was worse than my iPhone.

    2.) No viewfinder - I found myself hitting my face with a point and shoot a few times. That is more me being a dumbass than the camera!

    3.) The 18-55 lens that comes with the camera is okay, but it isn't a L lens. I figured why spend another $100 for the adapter just to mount my L glass to it.

    4.) Not for action photography - Again, with the slow auto focusing that I experienced, it would have only been good for landscape stuff.

    5.) Battery life - The battery life sucked really bad. I was able to get about 150 - 200 photos per charge. A replacement battery is $70! That is way more than I paid for my battery grip and two extra batteries for my 6D.

    Here were some good things I liked about it.

    1.) Image quality - With the APS-C sensor and processor, the images were on par with Canon's best crop bodies. that I think about it, the IQ in a point and shoot were the best things I liked!

    I originally bought it for a second camera body, and I wanted a crop body. I wanted a small mirrorless camera, but the cost and feature set aren't a good match yet. Some of these cameras will run you upwards of $1,000 but they can't quite do everything a SLR will do. Instead, I will either get the Canon 60D or the new 70D to be my second body.
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