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Thread: JFK Pan Am Hangar 1981 Clipper Images

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    Wow, great Set of Pictures, like the Cabin Shot and the Steam Gauges

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    Thanks Markus
    -Don B.

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    Great pics! They really bring back memories of my youth. My dad was a Pan Am pilot, and was fortunate to tour the Jet Center a bunch of times as a kid. He even organized a tour for my 6th grade class!

    Back in the pre internet/cell phone days, my dad used to drive from Massapequa to crew scheduling at JFK to bid, trip trade etc. on a regular basis, often with me in tow. Nowadays, we do all that stuff via the web. My dream was to be a Whale Capt for PA. The closest I got was a Dash 7 Capt. for Pan Am Express!

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