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Thread: 22R to Expand

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    Question 22R to Expand

    According to Sundays' Daily News, JFK must extend Rwy 22R by the end of 2015. This is by order of the FAA. How will this affect spotting? Residents say planes approaching will fly lower and make more noise. Since they plan on removing trees in Idlewild Park, it appears the work will increase the north end. The FAA has mandated that Rwy 22R be extended 728'. I would think the lengthening would enter Jamaica Bay as well. Anybody know about this ruling? Will Rwy 22R close during construction? If true, the "Enhanced Departure" Procedure used by JFK where 3 runways are used simultaneously, would cease during construction. Arrivals on 22L would not be affected but no departures off 22R/4L, means that the FAA could use use 31L or 13R for departures. Rwy 22L/4R has never been used for departures as far as I know from my spotting since 1977.
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    How far back does the NY/NJPA want to extend north? You're only three thousand feet from the houses. Plus, you have to contend with the canal and Rockaway Blvd. National park and environmentalists not withstanding, wouldn't it make more sense to jut out into the bay, via a pier like the north end of RWY 4 @ LGA?
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    Using the entirely unscientific (but generally fairly accurate) ruler tool in Google Earth, it looks like there is just about 728 feet from the edge of taxiway E to the edge of the canal at the north end of 22R. Eastern Rd would need to be moved though I'm sure that has already been accounted for. If I had to guess, the recent clearing where Rockaway Blvd and N. Boundary Road meet is somehow related to this project.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Idlewild View Post
    National park and environmentalists not withstanding...
    You just answered your own question...Flushing Bay isn't a protected wildlife area.

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    There is no way they would let them build a pier where the marsh is at the end of the runway at the bay.

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    I would have also thought no way they could go further into Jamaica Bay, I thought it was protected given all the migratory birds that visit


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