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Thread: Anchorage & Fairbanks, Alaska - September 2013 (IMAGE HEAVY)

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    Anchorage & Fairbanks, Alaska - September 2013 (IMAGE HEAVY)

    About time I shared some pictures, so here's a look at my most recent photography bonanza:

    After spending all summer in hot and humid Virginia, it was a welcome change to finally make it up to the Last Frontier to shoot some Floaties, Cargo Heavies and Alaskan birds during the peak of the Autumn season. For those of you who have been, you know that the weather up there is very finicky and you can't always rely on the forecast. So, when I managed to get a nice stretch off from work I hopped the next bird bound for Alaska, fingers crossed the sun would show itself. -- In the course of 6 days I shot over 55 gigs worth of pictures. perhaps an indication of the alaska spotting withdrawl I've been suffering from? Ha!

    When I touched down in ANC, the forecast for ANC was crap and FAI was indicating partly cloudy. So, what does a spotter do? Ran on up to FAI for a 2 day stay! And what a lovely two days it turned out to be. I visited Chena Marina Float pond and Fairbanks International. Please enjoy the following sample from the Interior:

    Old MD82 on the ramp at FAI now waiting to enter service as a freighter for Everts.

    You just can't beat the light! It looked so good on this 1957 C-182 Skylane.

    Another cheerful floatie hustling to get up on "the step" at Chena Marina.

    Cutting the glass at FAI.

    A quick note about Fairbanks and security. The general aviation side of the field has no fences between the public road and the flight operations area. (Anyone follow the news about people driving onto runways at Fairbanks lately while following their iPhone App?) There is no gate to get out there and shoot. Infact, they have a WELCOME sign when you pull up to the float pond. But, that's not to say they aren't vigilant. I did get a call from the Fairbanks Police at the end of my second day of shooting. They told me I was technically trespassing because I wasn't with an aircraft owner or had prior permission from Airport Operations or Police. They let me off with a warning but told me (and anyone who comes to shoot FAI) to give them a call in advance. This is the # for the Police they told me to use: (907) 474-2530. You've been warned!

    Okay, for those who came to see JET-A jumbos and a DC6 photo this next set is for you.

    Also, a quick note about wildlife: In order to get these photos, I had encounters with 3 bull moose, 5 cows and 3 calves and a black bear around the ANC airport. (Almost had to clean my pants after the black bear came to say hello about 20 feet from me.) Just a few days before I went up to Alaska, they had to shoot and kill a Bull Moose that had charged some highschool cross country runners at a local park just outside the ANC fence. So, it's no joke that you're putting yourself out there when you come shoot in Alaska. You're on their turf!

    Just how every photog likes to start his day, CLOUDS!

    Geese flying over head heralded the arrival of the sun! - Note the fledgeling flanking the flock; and the leader, taking a massive dump! lol

    No mistaking this girl when she comes out to play. An Alaskan staple!

    Here we go, time for some BIG Birds

    A Phoenix Air G-III was in town.

    Bro, Do You Even Lift?

    I never pass up a chance to bag this girl.

    Lyndwn dropping in after a morning out-n-back.

    After some lunch, a quick stop by Lake Hood to see how things were shaping up. (Unfortunately, I was very slow at Lake Hood this trip)

    Clouds moved in, but that didn't quiet my shutter

    But then it popped back out, with a fury!


    Maybe my favorite capture of the day

    Okay, I'm pooped. Don't have the energy to sort through the next two days at ANC. I'll get around to them if y'all are interested.

    Hope you enjoyed the photos!
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    Holy......I feel shame about any pic I've ever taken...amazing shots!

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    A word to the wise...keep it under your one is to know...
    Simply beautiful!
    R.I.P. Matt Molnar 1979-2013

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    Awesome stuff! Where did you snag the Eva MD-11 and the Lynden L-100? That angle with the water in the background is unfamiliar to me

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    Wow....what a fantastic set and the scenery is nothing short of beautiful. Thanks for sharing. ANC is on my list as well.
    Queens, NY

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    Me like the Robert Downey Jr of cooooooookies!
    Really pretty stuff there. I have to say, ANC is on my bucket list of places to shoot. Just so pretty out there!
    And I, I took the path less traveled by
    and that has made all the difference......yet...
    I have a feeling a handle of people are going to be very interested in what I post in the near future.

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    An amazing job! Love the head on Panalpina and that last one with the trees in the background

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    To say ANC and Fairbanks are spotter's wet dreams is probably an understatement... what an awesome set!

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    outstanding, i go through ANC every couple of months,always a pleasure.
    The beehive hummm of the JT9D and GE CF680C2,the thunder of the JT8D-17,the rumble of the PW1830 and the high ,thin whine of the PW 545A are all music to my ears!

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    I've been to ANC several times and to FAI and it is truly spectacular - I always go in June or July for the long daylight hours but your images have inspired me to take my next trip in the fall - wonderful pictures. The spot were you shot the EVA Md11 on 7R I have never managed to find - I understand it takes a fair bit of walking through the bush, and perhaps your encounter with the black bear - could have been worse, might have been a brown bear, even more scary.
    Thanks for the shots, and please, post more when you get the chance

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    Tremendous Shots, thanks for sharing.....

    Rich B

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    If I may ask where was that spot up in FAI, I am a local there and I still have yet to find it. (I think it is by the Eastside?) And very amazing set!

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    We want more, we want more, we want more, we want more.

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    I want more, I want more. Great set.
    Jeremy in Minnesota

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