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Thread: EDDL (DUS) spotting 9/22/2013 LOTSA PICTURES!!!

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    EDDL (DUS) spotting 9/22/2013 LOTSA PICTURES!!!

    ok, so Innsbruck was a bust. I mean, really... a handful of Dash 8-400s and an A319/320/321 or F70/100 about every 3 hours just did not justify hanging around there all day. A road trip into Germany and touring the castles was the alternative, and much better spent time. so, not much spotting until Dusseldorf, where we had a 4+ hour layover before the flight home to Kennedy... an official observation deck, patrolled by security, and 2.20 Euros gets you full view of the airfield. 23s were in use on Sunday. Lighting was borderline, but the flatness prevented nuisance shadows that are typical around 1pm. So here are a few pics. Stuff we normally do not see here at home. and some special schemes, too! My new favorite, being SunExpress "Istambul". well worth waiting for, as he departed as our flight back to the USA was beginning pre-boarding.... you CAN have your cake and eat it, too, sometimes.. :)

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