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Thread: JFK Spotting 9/15 or 9/22 PM

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    JFK Spotting 9/15 or 9/22 PM

    anybody going out this Sunday or next Sunday in the PM? i'll be departing on 9/15 on airberlin 7451 to DUS at 17:15 and returning on 9/22 from DUS on airberlin 7480 at 19:35 from KJFK. hoping for a Oneworld paint job somewhere... seats are starboard near the wing, so i'll see you guys on the mounds if we do a 22L arrival on the return. going to Innsbruck to try some mountain spotting out there. see what happens... anyhoo.. i'll tell the crew to dip their wings. for you.... later!!
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    There should be a lot of photos of flight 7480, it being UN week.

    Good luck at INN, last time I was there the visitor terrace was closed so I had to do some improvising (its open now).


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