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Thread: Antalya(AYT) Turkey, 22-27 August 2013

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    Antalya(AYT) Turkey, 22-27 August 2013

    Hi there guys and gals,

    A report from Europe again, this time ďRussian HeavenĒ Antalya in Turkey. After seeing many photos of all the Russian(and former CIS states) metal on internet and in magazines, we decided on a trip to this oasis. Main goal was scoring as many airlines as we could. Hoping some of them would bring true Russian metal. Alas, we did not see any T154ís even though Tatarstan had been using them vigorously in the weeks before our arrival but we were treated to some other Russian built aircraft.

    I will post 4 updates the coming days. Here are the first 25, I hope you enjoy them:

    We saw a total of twelve different TSO B747ís, some of them operating twice or even three times a day! VP-BKL was the 1st photo taken at AYT:

    VP-BCN of Yamal Airlines:

    Still fresh from the paint shop in Manchester(UK), Wind Rose Aviation A332 UR-WRQ:

    Ut Air have a very large presence and it is not uncommon for them to have 20 plus arrivals a day. Shame we didnít see any of their B762ís but we managed to polish of a lot of 757ís. VQ-BKF an example with winglets:

    TC-JHU of Turkish Airlines sporting Borussia Dortmund(German soccer team) special colors:

    I believe TSO still have 2 -300ís in their fleet, VP-BGW still looking good for a Ďclassicí:

    Kolavia of Russia have a couple of A320ís, both operated by Onur Air of Turkey, hence both have Turkish registrations . TC-KLB in full c/s:

    Ut Air Ukraine operate 3 B738ís, UR-UTQ is one with winglets:

    One of the locals, FreeBird have different tail c/s on nearly all their aircraft. A320 TC-FHE returning:

    One of FreeBirdís A321ís TC-FBT showing of another tail color:

    UP-F1001 F100 of Kazak outfit Caspiy, operating for Investavia:

    RA-96015 being the first of four AFL IL96ís we saw in Antalya! :

    Even though they operate frequently into AYT, we only managed to photograph one Sar Avia YK42, RA-42432 being the lucky one:

    Tarom operate nearly every day, twice a day using their A310ís. We only got to photograph YR-LCB:

    Smart Wings of the Czech Republic have some machines on lease from Spicejet India, VT-SGU still with itís Indian reg:

    Not a T154, shame! VQ-BMM in the dull Tatarstan c/s:

    Another Kolavia scheme, EI-ETK in the rather boring TUI/MetroJet c/s:

    VP-BAS being one of the many Ut Air B752ís, no winglets on this one:

    Luk Aero have not come around to painting their sole A320 yet, so the very early morning sun has to bring some color to UR-CKR:

    B739 UR-PSK still wearing the basic Sky Airlines livery:

    Nordwindís Ukrainian division is called Kharkiv Airlines, we saw both their B738ís. UR-CLR soaking up the morning sun.

    Number 2! Canít get enough of these beauties! This time itís RA-96007:

    Pegasus is another Turkish outfit, TC-CPG:

    VP-BGP of Orenair:

    I love the c/s of I-Fly, they look stunning on the 757! EI-DUC still looking smart:

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    Wow ... What a fantastic set and lots of nice schemes as well.
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    Absolutely amazing set!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zee71 View Post
    Wow ... What a fantastic set and lots of nice schemes as well.
    I agreee!! Europeans seems to have fun painting up their airliners!!
    And Freebird Airlines? The Official Airline of Lynyrd Skynyrd!!

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    A word to the wise...keep it under your one is to know...
    Unbelievable set!
    R.I.P. Matt Molnar 1979-2013

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    What a set !!! Can't get better
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    Excellent variety, and with great weather!

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    The 1st update! Hope you enjoy these too!?

    Wind Rose have A320’s in their stunning colors too, UR-WRK floating past my lens:

    Wizz Air have a small Ukrainian division, UR-WUC the only A320 with sharklets:

    RA-96011 is number 3, what a beauty:

    This A320 is operated by Small Planet Airlines from Lithuania. The moon bringing some excitement to this bland shot of LY-SPC:

    After being grounded for a while, Red Wings are back in action again with their stunning looking T204’s. RA-64020 looking good:

    Smart Wings have a couple of aircraft in full c/s, OK-SWT one of two -700’s in their fleet:

    Ikar Airlines have 3 B752’s on lease from Nordwind. VQ-BAK being the first we saw in AYT:

    LY-FLG is a Small Planet machine, hence the Lithuanian reg. Operating in full c/s for Sunday Airlines of Kazakhstan:

    Travel Service operate many flights, OK-TVG one of their own:

    OK-MEH sporting “90 years of CSA” additional titles:

    Smart Lynx have one A320 registered in Estonia, the ES-SAL:

    UT Ukraine B738 UR-UTP without winglets:

    Corendon’s TC-TJJ in ‘special’ Detur c/s:

    24 year old B733 YR-BAF still going strong for Blue Air of Romania:

    A long 737 in full SmartWings c/s, this being the OK-TSC:

    F-GIXC a quick change B733 of French outfit Europe Airpost looking surprisingly fresh:

    Most of the Scandinavian movements are late at night, but the odd one shows up during the day. SE-RFU proving the point for TUI Fly Nordic:

    OY-JTF looking a tad tatty, but then she is already 24,5 years old:

    Shame the sun is high on 4K-AZ81. Their only daily flight is usually at midday, not good for the light:

    Air Onix are a little Ukranian company with a fleet of 4 B735’s. This is UR-KRC:

    VP-BJH is the only A320 in Nordwind’s fleet at the moment:

    Nordwind tend to use the other runway, B763 VP-BWX following their company A320 on 18L:

    BINGO! SP-AEK A320 from Poland:

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    Fabulous selection. looks like a great place for photography




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