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Thread: Spotting from Resorts World

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    Spotting from Resorts World

    This past Tuesday I went to car show that happens every Tuesday at Resorts World Casino. I went up to the top floor of the parking garage to get a good shot of all the cars and the planes were flying close to over my head landing on 13L (I think). My camera settings wre changed without me knowing and all my pics taken were at 3200 ISO and came out grainy. In frustration I decided to use lightroom and change them into HDR which while not perfect they came out ok.

    Like I said the show is every Tuesday until November so if you want to take some car pics while possibly spotting it is a good spot. Here are my grainy HDR pics of the cars.

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    yup, I've shot from there before. really only good in the Late summer evenings if your looking for the good light.
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