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Thread: Mexico City - July 2013

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    Mexico City - July 2013

    I spent a few days in Mexico City and chose to stay at one of the airport hotels. My preference is Marriott so I went with that one over the Hilton, both are connected to the terminal.

    If you want to go to MEX for photography and have no preference to hotels, the Hilton is the one you want. It's older but have a much better view than the Marriott Courtyard (this one is newer and much, much nicer).

    View from the Marriott, level 5 with rooms on the right. Other rooms face the interior courtyard;

    View of the Hilton lobby;

    ...and the views from the Hilton lobby, not in order;

    I spent a couple of hours in the lobby, the day started out with broken sun and ended with heavy rain. Shooting is through two pieces of dirty glass.

    The highlight for me was Cubana, taken on one of the mornings;

    This shot was taken from the highway, some sort of Mexican military museum;


    Pull back and the houses get smaller!

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    Very nice pictures!

    The black 727 and the Cubana are really big highlights! :D


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    Tu-204, awesome! You did a good job panning those rain shots too

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    How perfectly timed, I'll be down there next week!
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