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Thread: Last months´ video highlights

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    Last months´ video highlights

    Hi Guys!

    Because of your friendly feedback I want to present you some of our last highlights in Berlin-Schonefeld, but now only with videos.

    Have fun! :)

    Good Morning Spotting at SXF!

    Let it snow! Winterspotting at SXF

    If you want to get at small jetblast, SXM is good - but sometimes, we also have a great point here at SXF! :D

    Bulgarian Air Charter / MD-82 at SXF

    AND! Bahrain B747SP visit´s us! :)

    And one last video, it´s from yesterday. I´ve worked at our airport in the maintenance, so I´ve used the chance to record a video from the ramp, very close the the runway!

    Hope you like it!

    Best regards,
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