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Thread: Paris Charles de Gaulle 27.06. - 30.06.13

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    Paris Charles de Gaulle 27.06. - 30.06.13

    Hi Guys!

    Today I want to present you a small collection of aviation photos, which were taken in the last month in Paris-CDG.

    I hope my english is better then during my last post here

    So, letīs start with CDG!

    On morning of the 27th of june Iīve flown with Lufthansa from TXL to CDG - the flight was very nice (as always with LH), but the weather wasnīt so nice there during arrival.

    Berlin-Tegel, shortly before our departure..

    Our breakfast, in my opinion it was very nice!

    Approach to CDG..

    The following pictures were taken near to a bridge, at the other site of the taxiway next to the Hilton Hotel!

    Travel Service / B737-800 [OK-TVA]

    airfrance / A340-300 [F-GNII]

    Lufthansa Regional / EMB-195 [D-AEBE]

    LOT / EMB-195 [SP-LNA]

    Onur Air / A321 [TC-OBZ]

    US Airways / A330-200

    SAS / A320 [SE-RJE]

    Adria / CRJ-900ER [S5-AAK]

    TAROM / B737-300 [YR-BGA]

    SAS / B737-800

    airfrance / A320 [F-GKXP]

    airfrance / B777-300ER [F-GSQD]

    Camair GO / B767-300ER [TJ-CAC]

    Air Canada / B777-300ER [C-FIVQ]

    China Southern / A330-200 [B-6547]

    Air Tahiti Nui / A340-300 [F-OLOV]

    Eva Air / B777-300ER [B-16708]

    EC - Equatorial Congo Airlines / B757-200W [HB-IID]

    Turkish Airlines / A330-300 [TC-JNM]

    And from now, we have the small "A380-Rushour"!
    Malaysia Airlines / A380-800 [9M-MNB]

    Singapore Airlines / A380-800 [9V-SKR]

    American / B767-300 [N346AN]

    New Livingston / A320 [EI-EUA]

    FedEx / B777-200LRF [N892FD]

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    Emirates / A380-800 [A6-EDW]

    United / B767-300W [N667UA]

    Air Mediterranee / A321 [F-GYAR]

    THAI / A380-800 [HS-TUB]

    Qatar / A340-600 [A7-AGB]

    Europe Air Post / B737-300

    Cathay Pacific / B777-300ER [B-KPU]

    Air Transat / A330-200 [C-GTSR]

    Smartwings / B737-700 [OK-SWW]

    airfrance Cargo / B777-200LRF [F-GUOC]

    Vietnam Airlines / B777-200 [VN-A142]

    Nouvelair / A320 [TS-INA] *ex. Eritrean c/s!*

    FedEx / B777-200LRF [N890FD]

    CSA / A320 [OK-MEI]

    Air Transat / A330-200 [C-GTSN]

    TAROM / A318 [YR-ASB]

    Air Mediterranee / B737-500 [SX-BHR]

    airfrance / A321 [F-GTAE] *Skyteam c/s*

    Europe Air Post / B737-300QC [F-GFUF]

    Cityjet / BAe-146 [EI-RJF]

    TAM / A330-200 [PT-MVP]

    ANA / B777-300ER [JA778A]

    Jet2 / B737-300 [G-CELE]

    Cityjet / BAe-146 [EI-RJA]

    NEOS / B737-800W [I-NEOS]

    FedEx / A300-600F *Go-Around*

    Turkish / A330-200 [TC-JNG]

    Onur Air / A320 [TC-OBI]

    Air India / B787-8 [VT-ANJ] .. itīs only a dream to get this bird..

    FedEx / MD-11F [N578FE]

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    KLM / B737-800W [PH-BXO] *Skyteam c/s*

    The 27th of june is now in the past..we used the 28th june to drive to the city of Paris and do some sightseeing activities there..(In my opinion, the city isnīt very clean..but everything is vey expensive there!)

    Now, we have the 29th of june:

    China Eastern / A330-200 [B-6099]

    Adria / CRJ-900ER [S5-AAK]

    Air Canada / B777-300ER [C-FIUR]

    Turkish / A330-300 [TC-JNH]

    Malaysia Airways / A380-800 [9M-MND]

    Delta / A330-200 [N860NW]

    EC - Equatorial Congo Airlines [HB-IID]

    Eva Air / B777-300ER [B-16716]

    China Southern / A330-200 [B-2528] *Skyteam c/s*

    Air Algerie / A330-200 [7T-VJY]

    Air Transat / A310 [C-GTSW]

    United / B757-200W [N19130]

    Emirates / A380-800 [A6-EEA]

    American / B757-200W [N191AN]

    Qatar / A340-600 [A7-AGA]

    THAI / A380-800 [HS-TUC]

    Air Transat / A330-300 [C-GKTS]

    CSA / A320 [OK-MEH]

    Jet2 / B737-300 [G-CELI]

    Cityjet / BAe-146 [EI-RJX] *special c/s*

    airfrance Cargo / B747-400F [F-GIUD]

    HOP! / ATR-72 [F-GVZP]

    Austrian / A321 [OE-LBF]

    Europe Air Post / B737-300QC [F-GZTA]

    JAL / B777-300ER [JA736J]

    Air Algerie / B737-600 [7T-VJR]

    ANA / B777-300ER [JA783A] ... seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexyyy

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    Air Transat / A310 [C-GSAT]

    Air Bridge Cargo / B747-8F [VQ-BLQ]

    Korean Air / B777-200ER [HL7526]

    airfrance Cargo / B777-200LRF [F-GSOC]

    TAM / A330-200 [PT-MVS]

    SriLankan / A330-200 [9R-ALC]

    Enter Air / B737-800W [SP-ENZ]

    Aeroflot / A330-300 [VQ-BCO] *Skyteam c/s*

    AeroMexico / B767-300W [XA-MAT]

    airfrance / B777-300ER [F-GZNG]

    Air Austral / B777-300ER [F-OREU]

    Air Mauritius / A340-300 [3B-NBI]

    Korean Air / B777-300ER [HL8275] .. ;)

    Air Mediterranee / A321

    Air Baltic / B737-500 [YL-BBD]

    Air Mediterranee / B737-500 [SX-BHV]

    XL / B737-800W [F-HJER]

    Estonian Air / CRJ-900ER [ES-ACC]

    Cathay Pacific / A340-300 [B-HXG] *oneworld c/s*

    Small Planet / A320 [LY-SPA]

    Europe Air Post / B737-700W [F-GZTD]

    Onur Air / A321 [TC-OBR]

    airfrance / A330-200 [F-GZCK]

    XL / A330-200 [CS-TFZ] (this aircraft is VERY RARE!)

    Air Transat / A330-200

    US Airways / A330-200 [N279AY]

    HOP! / EMB-175LR [F-HBXE]

    Air Tahiti Nui / A340-300 [F-OSEA]

    Vietnam Airlines / B777-200ER [VN-A146]

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    Croatia / A319 [9A-CTK] *Star Alliance c/s*

    Lufthansa / A320SL (SL=Sharklets) [D-AIZU]

    So, our last day! The 30th of june 2013!

    Our hotel was the "Premiere Paris-Nord 2", weīve get the free bus shuttle to Roissypole, which is the "airport-train station". From this point, weīve get the bus line number 701 to "Le Menil-Amelot", which is directly in the approach to 2 of 4 runways..(sorry guys, I donīt know any english word for the photo point shortly before landing)

    Le Menil-Amelot is a very nice village!

    Synphax Airlines, which has his homebase in tunis..this special c/s are only at the left fuselage-site!

    China Southern / A330-200 [B-6542]

    Syphax Air / A319 [TS-IEG]

    Delta / B767-300 [N155DL]

    Vietnam Airlines / B777-200ER [VN-A150]

    Travel Service / B737-800W [OK-TVB]

    China Eastern / A330-200 [B-5921]

    airfrance / A380-800 [F-HPJE]

    Egyptair / A330-300 [SU-GDS]

    airfrance / B777-200ER [F-GSPY]

    Delta / B767-300W [N155DZ] *Skyteam c/s*

    airfrance / A340-300 [F-GLZS]

    Vietnam Airlines / B777-200ER [VN-A149]

    PIA / B777-200ER [AP-BGL]

    airfrance / A320 [F-GFKY] *Skyteam c/s*

    XL / A330-300 [CS-TRI]

    TAM / A330-200 [PT-MVU]

    ANA / B777-300ER [JA781A]

    airfrance / A380-800 [F-HPBJ]..without sun! :(

    AeroMexico / B767-300W [XA-APB] :O :O :O

    BlueOne / B717 [OH-BLH]

    airfrance / B777-300ER [F-GZNN] *Skyteam c/s*

    airfrance / B777-200ER [F-GSPO]

    Turkish / A330-200 [TC-JNF]

    Asiana / B777-200ER [HL7500]

    United / B767-300ER [N651UA]

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    Lufthansa / A321 [D-AIRM]

    LOT / EMB-195 [SP-LNF]

    Turkish / A330-300 [TC-JND]

    United / B757-200W [N67134]

    Onur Air / A321 [TC-OBZ]

    Air Transat / A330-300 [C-GCTS]

    United / B767-300W [N667UA]

    airfrance / B777-200ER [F-GSPH]

    airfrance / A380-800 [F-HPJA]

    airfrance / B777-300ER [F-GZNE] *Skyteam c/s*

    airfrance / B777-300ER [F-GZNG]

    Air Transat / A310 [C-GTSY]

    airfrance / A380-800 [F-HPJH]

    XL / A330-200 [F-GSEU]

    XL / A330-300 [F-HXLF]

    Now itīs time to go back to the bus station in Le Menil-Amelot, for take the bus back to Roissypole. In evening, we want to fly back to Berlin..the aircraft was the same (D-AIQR) .. and the flight was very nice (as always :D)..the weather in france was very nice, the airplanes were very nice, but the weather in Berlin was you can see..

    Wonderful! Isnīt it?!

    With a delay of 15 minutes we are back in Berlin:

    Thatīs it guys! Hope you like it! :)

    Best regards,

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    Sebastian that was incredible, I felt like I was on vacation looking at all those interesting carriers and color schemes we don't get to see over here. Your english is just fine by the way, 'final approach' is probably what most here would consider the time just before touchdown when a lot of pictures are taken.

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    Great shots!

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    many thanks for you very friendly feedback! :)

    I was very happy to get all these great color schemes (Camair Co, EC Air etc) in Berlin-Schoenefeld we have a lot of easyJetīs (itīs an british low cost carrier) the past we had more interesting traffic here (ASA - African Safari Airlines with A310 [5Y-VIP if you want to see pictures]

    And thanks for "my missing word"..:D

    Thank you! :)

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    Awesome shots!! We flew into and out of CDG enroute to Rome and I was happily spotting out the window all the different airlines!! What was really cool was seeing the static display of the Concorde right by the taxiways!! That came out of nowhere and was a nice surprise!! You can actually see a little of it in a few of your shots!!

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    Thanks for your feedback Gerard!
    Yes, CDG is a great destination, I want to be back for Spotting soon! But in some months I want to fly to Paris-Orly, because of the Cubana IL-96!

    Iīve took a lot of photos of the static Concorde, I really love this aircraft! :D
    There is another Concorde in New York, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basti View Post
    There is another Concorde in New York, right?
    Yes at the USS Intrepid Museum but it is covered up and admission required!!

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    Ok, thanks for your answer!

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    Some photos from CDG and ORY also. I had a hire car for the day (with my own sat nav) Did the research and the spotting at CDG was best from the area near the Concorde Memorial. Got checked by the Police once, you have to have the photo permit or else they will move you on.
    Took me 90 mins to get across to ORY via Le Bourget (plenty of aircraft but difficult for pics). ORY has a free viewing area on the SUD terminal. Its worth a visit but a three hour round trip for somewhere 20 miles way or so

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerard View Post
    Yes at the USS Intrepid Museum but it is covered up and admission required!!
    What do you mean - covered up?
    [URL=""]My Aircraft Photos[/URL]

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