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Thread: UN Week 2013 - Sept 17 - Oct 1

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    Yes, he has come in on Monday or Tuesday in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jared Blech View Post
    So can POTUS come during the week... or is that not likely? I plan to be out at least one day
    POTUS is confirmed to be attending the Clinton Global Initiative in Midtown that week as well so there will be an AF1 sighting this year as usual.
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    I wonder how the latest terror alert from the Arabian Peninsula will affect us spotters. It couldn't have come at a worse time!

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    Well ..... UN Week is upon us. According to an FAA NOTAM there should be traffic between Sept 18 thru Sept 30

    Here is the link to the NOTAM:
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    If you have the patience to read the document Mark has posted, the 2nd, 3rd & 4th NOTAMS all pertain to the 23rd & 24th. Those are the two days POTUS will be in NYC. Arriving on the 23rd, departing on the 24th.
    SO....if they allow AF1 to stay at JFK, you have an arrival early afternoon on the 23rd, and a departure on the 24th. If AF1 does NOT stay at JFK, it will be an arrival and departure on BOTH those days.

    This is the only definite movement that we will know about well ahead of time. Every other dignitary falls under the general TFR, therefore, you could see arrivals/departures anytime between the 18th & 30th. Although I have heard they may extend the ending date to Oct 3rd. So...if you want AF1, you know what days you need to be out. Everything else, we need to keep each other informed.

    Due to prior commitments, I will not be around for AF1 or the prior weekend this year. Not sure how many will be left the 28th & 29th, so this will not be a good year for me.

    Good Luck hunting them down guys, I look forward to the results.


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