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Thread: BRU 07 and 09 July

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    BRU 07 and 09 July

    Hi there,

    Another report from Europe, this time Brussels. With north westerly winds it means they land on 02, making it ideal for the early morning rush of heavies. I have left out all the smaller stuff and have concentrated on the larger international arrivals. These shots are from the 7th and 9th of July. Enjoy!

    TF-AMF over the threshold 02:

    Weekly Sunday visitor, CargoJet B762:

    Coming back from Abijan:

    1 of 4 Jet Airways arrivals. Used to be six but they pulled the JFK route:

    Shame, not the Man City special:

    For some reason I thought ETH operated the Dreamliner into BRU, standard B763:

    Hainan, 3 hrs late. Normally it comes in at the crack of dawn! And a -300 instead of the scheduled -200:

    Some of the old JAL A306’s have find themselves a new home with DHL(EAT Leipzig):

    Looking sharp as ever, OO-JAP:

    As the morning progresses, the sun comes around and you can shoot the heavies departing runway 08R. Here VT-JWU is passing the old terminal structures at BRU:

    The new JetairFly c/s look good on the E190:

    A nice surprise was the Alitalia retro. I got a real rubbish shot of it in Barcelona last year:

    A cargo regular at BRU is this B733 of Royal Air Maroc Cargo:

    Then I left for AMS to spend the afternoon there. I returned to BRU on the 9th, to bag myself some more 02 arrivals.

    After seeing many shots of it appear on etc.. the last couple of days, I was surprised to see new Slovak operator Sky2Go taxi out for 08R just as I arrived at the spot. In the early morning the sun hasn’t come round yet and all the light is on the nose. Then my Nikkor 80-300mm doesn’t like having to go over 265mm so I have had to play around and crop like mad:

    No trimming on this one, it’s that close:

    Since last year Thai have returned to BRU, 1st with the -200’s and now with the -300’s:

    Hi Fly of Portugal operate an A333 on behalf of the Belgian Air Force:

    Close up of JAI227 coming in from EWR:

    Just like Emirates and Etihad, Qatar are very regular at many large European airports:

    For me the “Skyteam” livery is the most beautiful of all alliance liveries. Looking good on this Tarom B737:

    9V-SFD gliding in for 02, proving what a great vantage point this is:

    Just a couple of days old, the “IceWatch” special of Thomas Cook Belgium:

    Thanks for watching!



    P.S. If you want me to post some more shots of the 'boring stuff' and AMS, let me know!

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    Nice shots! I caught that same RAM Cargo 733 at CDG last month
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    Great photos! I love that Alitalia retrojet. I had a connection in FCO last summer and I missed getting a picture of her by 10 minutes.
    -Don B.

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    Very nice. I wondered what happened with Jet no longer coming to JFK, I thought it was just transferred over to EWR. Also never knew JAL had A300's(I thought it was just JAS)

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    Great set of photos... Very nice work.....

    Rich B

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    Very nice set, Chris!
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    Great Spotting Location!!

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    Thanks very much chaps!

    Megatop, the A306's started out with JAS, then moved over to JAL Domestic and then JAL. After the conversions, a couple even flew around for a while in semi hybrid JAL c/s.


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