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Thread: A Fairly Close Call at JFK Last Night

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    A Fairly Close Call at JFK Last Night

    Audio Here from

    Here's an interesting incident that occurred yesterday evening which was pointed out to me by David Abbey. AA1936 is on an 8 mile final for 22R and AA64 is cleared into position on the same runway. After dealing with some other traffic, AA64 is given a takeoff clearance after which AA1936 asks if they have enough separation. AA64 has its clearance cancelled and is instructed to exit the runway immediately with traffic on a 1.5 mile final. The captain on AA64 was none to pleased with the controller.
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    He asks for Legal Clearance I believe? If that's even the right term... it was actually fun listening last night.. VERY busy ops landing 22L/R and departing 22R/31L KE. I think it is definitely a three way collaboration and the pilots help the controllers just as much as the controllers help the pilots. The AA64 is totally BLIND to the back... so it is up to Tower and the approaching plane to help out as much as possible.

    Now imagine this same scenario with a LEar Jet lined up to take off, super thick fox with a ceiling of maybe 50 feet, a C-5 Galaxy landing... It was fun to see the wheels break through the fog about to land on top of the little jet and suddenly the roar of full throttle as the pilot of the C-5 suddenly realizes the Tower is not even paying attention.

    Happened at Quonset Point on Friday's Media/Family day last summer before the Airshow Weekend ... The C-5 eventually made a 5 mile ILS approach on the opposite runway without incident. I am sure the Lear never knew what was happening just behind and above them ...
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