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Thread: Amsterdam 02-06-2013(HEAVY LOAD)

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    Amsterdam 02-06-2013(HEAVY LOAD)

    Hi there guys and gals,

    Went up to Amsterdam Schiphol International(AMS)sunday the 2nd of june. For me this is a two hour drive from down south(Maastricht, South Limburg). AMS is a great airport for photography, as they have nearly no fences. Many of the 6 runways have good locations but are only accessible with a car. I took more than 500 shots but have tried to keep this report interesting . Of course, what we see as ‘boring’, you might find interesting. So I have picked the photo’s that represent AMS and the many carriers that it serves. I hope you enjoy my report and thanks for watching.

    Started off at runway 06:

    ASIA titles in a different font as usual:

    Arke returning from one of it’s holiday destinations:

    Always nice a Tri-Holer:

    Leased from Euro Atlantic:

    Finally, my 1st shot of an Etihad B77F:

    I hate photographing DH8D’s, but a Croatian one is always a must:

    Transavia “Sunweb” special:

    Leased from GOL for the summer season:

    Air France’s new “low cost” division HOP!:

    The AFL scheme looks good on the A321 too:

    Something you don’t get in the NY area:

    KLM “Skyteam”:

    Starting to see more “sharklets” in Europe too. Delivered to Vueling of Spain 3 weeks ago:

    Moving over to the departure runway 36L, the most westerly runway of AMS. Great place to photograph from. There is a bike path that runs the length of nearly the entire runway. Pick your spot and shoot away!

    E190 “Skyteam”, a bit dark as the sun hasn’t come round yet but I still like the shot:

    Air Explore(Slovakia), have leased this machine to Arke for the summer season:

    Turkish outfit Onur have some of their aircraft fitted with these additional “21 years” titles:

    Just a nice shot, PH-AKA lifting of 36L half way down:

    English outfit FlyBe are common to AMS:

    “Retro”, early rotation:

    AMS have lots of cargo flights too, KAL being one of the regulars:

    Blue1, one of the few B717 operators in Europe:

    Qatar Cargo are very regular too:

    KLM’s “Skyteam” B773:

    Another summer lease from GOL for Transavia:

    Air Atlanta Icelandic operating for Saudia Cargo:

    EasyJet are nearly just as common as KLM in AMS:

    Couldn’t have AMS report without a KLM B744 “Queen of the skies”. PH-BFU looking remarkably clean:

    Norwegian Air Shuttle and one of their many B738’s sporting a famous Scandinavian:

    Another Cargo regular, China Eastern departing at last light:

    Hope you enjoyed them and best regards,


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    All fantastic shots, but I especially like the Blue1 717. Looks like you had some wonderful weather.

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    A fantastic series of high-quality shots, thanks for sharing! That Etihad Cargo looks real nice

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    Always nice to see stuff from my home continent. LOVE that Etihad cargo!

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    Thanks guys.

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    Great Variety and Shots!!
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    The Etihad Cargo is georgous!!
    Sergio has been a huge Delta Air Lines fan since 1992!!

    Sergio Cardona

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    Wow!! Incredible shots! Looks like some amazing access around AMS. That place just moved to the top of my spotting bucket list (Sorry SXM).
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    He wrote the airport nearly has "no fences"!! Got love that!!
    Awesome pictures!!

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    Wow......don't know where to start with such fantastic images. Looks like you had fantastic light as well and the spotting locations are amazing to say the least.
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    Wow, I'm honored with your reactions guys!

    The airport has nearly no fences as it's nearly completely surrounded by large moats which makes photography very easy! Schiphol is a must for all aviation enthusiasts and aviation photographers.

    If anybody thinks of coming over, there are enough sites explaining where all the good locations are round the airport.

    Thanks again and best regards,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Smoketrails View Post
    The airport has nearly no fences as it's nearly completely surrounded by large moats
    Moats!! Love that, so European!! Filled with wild gators?!!
    Once again, great shots, love the variation of liverys and aircraft!!

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    Wow, really great set here! My continuing updated Aviation Blog My continuing updated photostream from BFI and sometimes SEA

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    Wow! I am going to Europe in July and was going to do some spotting at Heathrow and De Gaulle. What are my options if I go to AMS? I have read before that you have to have a car to get around. How is parking at these locations, and can you rent a bicycle at the terminal to ride around the airport?
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