BA2037 London Gatwick (LGW) - Orlando International (MCO) - Boeing 777-236/ER - G-VIIP (Full Flight)

Airline: British Airways
Flight: BA2037
Aircraft: Boeing 777-236/ER
Route: LGW (London Gatwick) - MCO (Orlando International)
Seat: 31K (World Traveller)
Flight Time: 8 hour 45 minutes
Departed: 11:45AM GMT - Runway 26L
Arrived: 15:30PM EST - Runway 17L

My long awaited journey to Orlando begins right here!! Booked to go many many months ago and the day had finally rolled around. Nice to see India Papa would be flying me there and had already bagged my window seat during OLCI. Shame it wasn't on the other side of the North Terminal air bridge but you can't have it your way all the time!

Footage includes the full flight, take off, landing, in flight and meals.

ATC is included for MCO arrival.