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Thread: YVR and YYZ Spotting Tips

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    YVR and YYZ Spotting Tips

    Seeking spotting tips from within the terminal at YYZ while I have a layover for about two hours. Then flying to YVR where I may have a few minutes of terminal spotting. Later in the week I may have some time to actually go to the official locations.

    Any tips are appreciated as well as any traffic I should be aware of that does not normally come to JFK/LGA/EWR.

    Ethiopian 787 should be flying to Toronto again, no?

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    YVR has a decent viewing area from the domestic terminal, land side. If you time the SkyTrain just right, get a good view of arrivals/departures from the bridge. YVR gets a fair bit of Asian traffic, but probably similar to JFK. Not sure about off airport spotting.

    There is a seaplane base in downtown Vancouver. You can get some shots from Stanley Park or take the Seabus to North Van and get the Vancouver skyline as the background. Lots of Beaver/Otter/Twin Otter traffic.

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    I can only speak for terminal 1 but spotting at Toronto is pretty good as you can actually see the planes from the terminal! The terminal windows are a bit darkly tinted but without any offending color cast. From terminal 1 youíll have a good view of runway 24R arrivals as well as a good view of the remote parking stands and taxing aircraft (as long as there is an empty gate). Most of the gates aren't badly blocked (except for the left side of terminal 1 where the windows have lines painted across them). The terminal is mainly facing south so light isn't great but with a bit of repositioning you can overcome that.

    Itís quite easy to get a good quality photo trough the large windows that go from floor to ceiling.

    As for non-NYC flights; terminal 1 of course has Aircanada 777 and 767s but also gets Sunwing, Ethiad 777 as well as the Ethiopian 787 (which arrive every Saturday and Tuesday). However terminal 3 gets IMO a lot better traffic including Air Transit, SATA, Canjet, El Al 767, Caribbean 767, Cubana, and Iíve seen Air One there as well.

    I hope this helps


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