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Thread: AA/US Merger behind the scenes from Feb 14 the day Merger was announced !

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    AA/US Merger behind the scenes from Feb 14 the day Merger was announced !

    While I am sure many of you may have there doubts about this merger I assure you a very large number of the employees at both AA and US
    are EXTREMELY excited about this merger, here is a little look at what it was like on Feb 14 if you were an AA or US employee.
    And my favorite quote of the day was from Tom Horton as he spoke to us, " A Global Aviation Powerhouse ! " For those of you
    who know me these are the most exciting days in my career and I believe 1000 pct that this will be an Extremely successful merger
    and combined airline many of you will enjoy flying on I really believe. And no I have not been drinking to much coolaide just very excited!



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    It will be interesting to see how this all works itself out. When Delta and Northwest did it, it worked out good. When United and Continental did it, it was great. I don't expect it to be any different between AA and US Airways. I just hope this can help both carriers out, because I will say one thing, they have both lost their touch. I grew up with AA being my favorite airline, it was the airline that brought me to love aviation so much, but I flew them a few times in recent years and they disappointed me every single time. I have been an AAdvantage member since before I had a drivers license. I then went to United and they have always treated me right, and drew me away from AA. The biggest issue with AA is it's aging fleet which lags behind what both Delta and United offer in every aspect. I am hopeful for the future at AA (even if they turned me down on a F/A job because I was honest with them at the interview in Dallas), and I may just go back to them if they can get it together in the coming years.

    On a side note, I have an interview with US Airways coming up. It would be truly ironic if they hired me after AA passed me up. I would end up working for AA anyway!


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