EASA PPL Series: Episode 6 - VOR Tracking & IMC Training at Panshanger (EGLG)

EASA/JAA PPL Training Series
Aerodrome: Panshanger (EGLG)
Flight School: North London Flying School
Aircraft Type: Piper Warrior PA-28-181
Registration: G-BWPH

After a 3 month break from flight tuition from one reason to another (weather, Christmas, personal issues), it was time to get back behind the stick and in front of the rudder, and it was like I had never gone away!

Today's flight sees some VOR tracking up towards Grafham Water from Panshanger, followed by some IMC training under "the hood" with my flight instructor. Followed by a nice track using the BPK VOR back to Panshanger and an arrival with a 16 knot crosswind.

All ATC comms are included.