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Thread: Missed Opportunity to See Space Shuttle

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    Missed Opportunity to See Space Shuttle

    Regarding the Space Shuttle aboard the Intrepid, it is no longer bare atop the Flight Deck as it was since Sandy. I suppose it is good news, but the Shuttle, according to reports, now has scaffolding all around, so the great photo opportunity to photograph it in the sunshine against the blue sky is over. A new canopy will be placed over it to protect it from the elements. We won't get another chance to photograph it in the raw until the future when a permanent housing unit will be built across 12th Ave. That won't happen for years to come, if ever, as the Museum has lost much income due to Sandy. Luckily, as a retiree, I had lots of free time so I went many times to see her before she got scaffolded and it was thrilling! I am so sad as she looked great overlooking the Hudson out of doors. Now, that is a memory. The Museum had no option as its lease stated that the Shuttle had to be in an enclosure.

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    I drove by earlier this week. There is a scaffolding, but the shuttle is still completely visible.
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