Did some travel in South Africa while we are here for Christmas. Both were operated by the British Airways franchise holder, Comair of South Africa, who also operate Kulula (plenty of pictures of their planes floating around the web!). Both were operated by Boeing 737-400's ZS-OAA on the outbound from JNB (initially delivered to Air Nauru as C2-RN10, was VH-RON until 2005 and then stored until 2006 when it joined Comair as ZS-OAA) and ZS-OAG (Started life a 9M-MMP with Malaysian, then went to Jet Airways as VT-JAF, then Skynet Asia as JA737D before joining Comair in 2007 as ZS-OAG). Both flights were absolutely so what we are not used to in the USA. Firstly, boarding (which I don't agree with) is first come-first served - the cattle rush! But that is where the disagreement ends. Firstly, on both flights, the captains came on the mic after boarding and described the conditions on route for both of the 1 1/2 hour flights and - they could be perfectly heard. Standard safety briefing and then take-offs. About 20 minutes after take off - a FREE snack service - sandwiches on the first flight and they were incredible - soft bread - great choice of fillings. Then, once the 4 member cabin crew had finished serving the snacks, a drink service which included a FREE full bar service. I know the volumes of flights in the countries are different, etc, but - it was really nice to see a 4 member cabin crew happily serve full planes with both services on both flights and - the flights were both very comfortable and very well priced for us.

Just a view from the other side of the world!!!