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Thread: Turkish Airlines FC Barcelona Livery

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    Turkish Airlines FC Barcelona Livery

    I was so excited to see the Turkish FC Barcelona livery B777 at JFK on Dec. 6. I am a bit confused. The players depicted, are these Spanish players? If so, why are they not depicted on Iberia? I guess because Iberia is not a sponsor of the team. Why would a Turkish airline sponsor a Spanish team? I am confused. Doesn't Turkey have their own team? Please clarify. Thanks.

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    In European Football (Soccer) vast amounts of money change hands in regards to corporate sponsorship.

    FC Barcelona are regarded by many as the best team in the world. They feature some of the most talented players, and are constantly competing for trophies. With this in mind the global appeal for the FC Barcelona stretches far beyond Catalonia. Everyone loves a winner!

    I assume Turkish are doing a major campaign to generate worldwide exposure for their own brand. By spending the money to have the rights to paint their planes with an emblem as recognizable as FC Barcelona, and their star players, they are able to associate themselves with a winner.

    Turkish have sponsored Manchester United in the same manner:

    Why not Iberia? With Iberia and BA's current financial situation I'm not sure spending the cash would be viable.

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    The big middle eastern carriers (and Turkish) spend big bucks to sponsor European football teams.

    Turkish: FC Barcelona (Spain). They also have a big deal with Manchester United.
    Emirates: Arsenal (England)
    Etihad: Manchester FC (England) (They also own naming rights to their home field, Etihad Stadium)
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