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Thread: FS Scenery Expansion for JFK

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    FS Scenery Expansion for JFK

    Any FS users out there heard of this expansion? From the "FS Dream Team", never heard of 'em but damn did they make a sexy JFK

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    Yeah, I thought about getting it, but I recall something about their install process that turned me off (like you needed to install a license checker or something a little sketchy...can't remember the exact details). But the other issue is FSDT's scenery pretty much ends right at the field boundaries, then it's all the default FS scenery immediately outside of it. Kind of kills the realism a little bit, unless you have some other scenery filling in the space around it. This is the type of stuff I like:

    They build the field and lots of area around it. You won't see any major airports from them, though.
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