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Thread: BOS 11/23 (33 Images)

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    BOS 11/23 (33 Images)

    I was spotting with a friend and the group he belonged to on Saturday. One of the members in the group was able to get a permit for the garage at Terminal B, so we got some nice shots from up there! (Well, some of us did. Mine didn't come out so well because my 75-300mm lens makes the images fuzzy and slightly out of focus at maximum zoom. I'll get a 70-300mm L-lens when I save up enough for it.)

    We ignored some of the common stuff, such as the A320s, B737s, etc. so they appear to be missing from this set of photos, but they were there! (I also only picked the photos of the better stuff to upload)

    First thing we saw was the Southwest "Florida One" 737-700

    Then we saw a JetBlue A320 with the DirecTV markings. It left the terminal area, took a left, took another left, and went back to the gate.

    And then, the AirTran Atlanta Falcons 717-200 landed

    A Beech B300 taxiing.

    Finally! Some foreigners! (ERJ-170)

    Southwest 737-700

    Sun Country 737-800

    Delta 757-200

    A Saab 340B with an identity crisis (PenAir) parked on its pad

    Virgin America A320

    Finally, a heavy! Delta 767-300ER. I think this one came from London.

    JAL's Dreamliner 787-800 taking off

    A Porter Dash 8-Q400

    Head on shot of a United CRJ in the Blue Tulip paint scheme

    United Express ERJ-145 in the Blue Tulip scheme

    Lufthansa 747-400 coming in for a landing

    Air Canada Express with a Dash 8-Q400

    Here's an interesting little bug! It's a Piaggio P180 with pusher props

    Cape Air Cessna 402C (These things are everywhere)

    Cape Air Cessna 402C in a green paint scheme

    Another heavy! Delta A330-300 from Amsterdam (I think)

    British Airways 777-200ER touching down

    Cessna 680

    Cape Air Cessna 402C with the Nantucket Airlines paint scheme

    Cessna 560XL

    Delta 767-300ER being towed from Terminal E (International Arrivals) to Terminal A (Delta's main terminal)

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    Alitalia with a former Air One A330-200

    Air Canada Express CRJ-705

    United 757-200

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    great set and nice catch on the Air One meeps


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