JAA PPL Series: Episode 5 - Solo Circuits (with Touch & Go's) at Panshanger (EGLG)

JAA PPL Training Series
Aerodrome: Panshanger (EGLG)
Flight School: North London Flying School
Aircraft Type: Piper Warrior PA-28-161
Registration: G-BUIK

Was scheduled to take G-BOMP this afternoon, however it was having a few engine issues which grounded it for the time being, so swapped into my least favourite of them all - G-BUIK.

After a few full stop taxi backs I switched to touch & go's to speed things up a little, however a tempo of 14 knot crosswind was heading our way, and unfortunately towards the end of the circuit session it certainly had arrived with a few seconds of weightlessness on the penultimate approach.

As PIC - I chose to call it a day. I've flown in crosswinds greater than 14 knots before, however not solo. A wise choice as 20 minutes later it bucketed down with rain.