JAA PPL Series: Episode 4 - Supervised Solo Circuits at Panshanger (EGLG)

JAA PPL Training Series
Aerodrome: Panshanger (EGLG)
Flight School: North London Flying School
Aircraft Type: Piper Warrior PA-28-161
Registration: G-BNSZ

My first flight in a few weeks, apologies for the lack of videos - what with work and being horrendously sick with the flu and the weather its been a terrible time for flying! I have also apparently made my FI Graham famous from my YouTube channel. What can I say? I charge a competitive rate for royalties and acting as an agent....

But back behind the stick today with my first flight in what is known at Panshanger as "The Omelette" - simply Google the registration and I'm sure you will see why!

Today's flight features a small bit of VFR flying with no instruments, a couple of dual circuits as I haven't flown for weeks, followed by several solo full stop taxi backs. Unfortunately some of the taxi ways are under repair so got considerably less flying done today, but hopefully by my next visit they should be open for use again.

Also a big well done to Rachel. Today was her 16th birthday, and with 40+ hours of flight time, she finally was allowed to undertake exercise 14 (first solo - students aren't allowed to fly solo in the UK until 16) - what a great birthday present for her. You can see me giving way and letting her taxi ahead in G-BOMP just before I depart for my solo circuits.