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Thread: KLAX, Endeavour arrival 22Sept2012

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    KLAX, Endeavour arrival 22Sept2012

    Had a great time in LA, fish tacos, giant burritos and a few widebodies. The star of the weekend was N905NA of course.

    These were from the Proud Bird area. The Proud Bird was a reservation only event, so I was a 100 feet west on 111th with a several hundred people.

    #0 From the famous Proud Bird

    #1 Fly-by over southern LA

    #2 Pathfinder landing on 25L

    #3 Fly-by on the 24's

    #4 Fly-by on the 25's

    #5 Landing on 25R

    Meet some interesting people, local spotters, spotters from; Nashville, Phoenix, Oklahoma City and Prescott, Scotland! Played phone tag with the NYCA crew

    The locals were friendly, including all the LEOs.

    I got a ton of other traffic and most of it was not DELTA!
    Jeremy in Minnesota

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    Finally got a chance to go through my Endeavour images and here are the results. Unfortunately the heat of the day didn't help, but who's the shuttle.

    Imperial Hill as I was leaving back to my car

    The following morning after arriving at LAX the shuttle was already removed off the SCA
    Queens, NY

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