JAA PPL Series: Episode 2 - Solo Prep at Panshanger (EGLG) in a PA-28-181 Piper Archer (G-BOMP)

JAA PPL Training Series
Aerodrome: Panshanger (EGLG)
Flight School: North London Flying School
Aircraft Type: Piper Archer PA-28-181
Registration: G-BOMP

Hopefully the final dual lesson before I fly solo next time round after gaining my medical and air law exam pass (98%), a quick departure from the circuit to practice some clean stalls and base to final stalls, before returning to the 29 right hand to land in cross wind up to 12 knots, 3 flaps, 2 flaps, 1 flap and no flap configurations.

Was planning a solo today but it was just too hazy, that and the crosswind was just too much, fingers crossed for next time round.

Comms included - enjoy!