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Thread: Warbird Sighting!

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    Warbird Sighting!

    A B-17, a B-24 Liberator and a P-51 just flew south along the Hudson River about 10 minutes ago,,,,Now I need to find what air show they are headed to...Hope its somewhat local..

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    HPN had some aircraft visiting.
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    Sounds like the Collins Foundation aircraft. They will be at FRG on Labor Day weekend, looks like they are going to be at Morristown today through Friday, then Monmouth Friday through Sunday.

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    Wow, thanks guys...I will see them at Morristown!!

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    Definitely sounds like the Collings Foundation. They are all around the Northeast from Cape May to Massachusetts for the next month. See their schedule here. I caught the B-24 flying out of OXC last September out of pure luck while we visited some family in CT and it flew overhead. I'm planning on going back to OXC in a couple of weeks when they are back there.
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    This past weekend we had a aviation expo in town specifically for warbirds. We had the Commenmorative Air Force B-17 Sentimental Journey arrive thursday and then the rest of them arrive friday in time for the night photo shoot which costed $100 CAD and the rest of the weekend costed $15 CAD per person to see these aircraft. I had got to see the B17 up close myself on the ramp where it was at with having friends in the right places. She was a beauty.

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    I caught them this past weekend at FRG, and it was fantastic. They had the Fort and the Liberator parked next to each other and I was struck by the difference between the two in size and crew comfort. They were servicing one of the engines on the Fort and it was amazing to see the engine uncowled. They had walk-thru's on both aircraft, and I was struck by how cramped the Fortress was for everyone except the radio op. Well worth it if the show is in your area.


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