So for anyone flying in or That lives at Palm beach and goes to PBIA West palm beach international Airport To do some spotting,The Spotting park isn't very good as they are building a pile of Dirt near the Park its only good if you have Large lens for take offs,What i would suggest is The Terminal Spotting Its cheap as well to stay I spent about 5 hours,cant remember exact Price for it but it was cheap,What you'll see at Palm beach Is Hardly any International Flights its a Airport Hub for South west,Delta,United,American Airlines,Jet Blue,Private jets,Air force one fly's in there,Every now and then Air Canada Fly's in.At the Terminal Garage is what i suggest you can see Both Landing's and Take offs Mostly,If you come to Pbia and except to see international Flights...Good luck they are Hardly that fly in,if they do its from Bahamas and Canada or Private jets.They have Arrivals and departure Flight List on their Website To see What Comes in and What goes out,Time Ect comes in handy if Your going there for a Period of time :)