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Thread: Need Advice - Request for stock footage

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    Need Advice - Request for stock footage

    Hey Guys-

    Sorry it has been a long time since I've been around, things have been pretty busy this year.

    I've encountered a situation that I've never dealt with before and am hoping that those of you who have had requests for your aviation photography or videography work in the past can help me before I proceed.

    I received the following e-mail which was generated using the Member Contact feature:

    "I license stock footage to feature films, tv programs and others. I have a network show who needs an HD video clip of a commercial jet landing at Kennedy Airport and a private jet landing at Teterboro Airport. Can you assist? Maybe I can bring you some business? Please advise ASAP. Thanks.
    my website:"

    Anyone ever dealt with these guys before? Their website looks a little rinky-dink. It's not clear exactly what they are looking for, whether it's a video from inside the jet or a view from the ground. Just curious if anyone else has been contacted for stuff like this before and how I might proceed if I was interested.

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    BEst bet would be to set up a meet and greet and get lots of details. Without committing to anything, you are in the winning seat right now, meaning nothing has been given or promised. So ask ask ask. And in the end, before ANYTHING changes hands, draw up a contract!!

    If you have NOT done the work yet and they ask you to produce something, get half the pay up front BEFORE work begins with a promise to deliver in exchange for the remainder.
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