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Thread: Getting to Jones Beach

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    Where the PARK routing crosses the Expressway Visual 31

    Getting to Jones Beach

    All origins being equal, which is the best way to Jones Beach, the Meadowbrook, the Wantagh, or going via Oceanside, Long Beach, and Lido Beach. I'm nt asking specifically for the airshow, but the info might help someone for next year.

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    for the airshow, from my Mom's house in Lawrence I went Atlantic Beach Bridge-Long Beach-Lido Beach- Loop Pkwy right into Jones Beach, right into the first parking field with no traffic at all

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    I have a couple of suggestions.........

    1 - Leave early enough so you don't get caught in the traffic
    2 - Don't wait to purchase a parking ticket at the toll plaza, go directly to parking field and you can pay there (you can also purchase a seasonal pass as well for all NY State parks..........I think it's called an Empire Passport)
    3 - The major roads are the Meadowbrook or the Wantagh Parkways (or you can follow the directions that Megatop provided)
    4 - The parking fees are charged from 6 am - 6 pm Sat-Sun-Hol, 8 am - 4 pm weekdays from Memorial Day through Columbus day according to a Wikipedia.
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    I think the fees may be year round now with all the state budget problems. We went to Jones Beach on Easter Sunday and had to pay $8.00.
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    On weekends, the fees do start early - end of March or start of April, but week days don't start until right before Memorial Day. They used to start charging week days after Memorial Day, until they figured out that 10K people show up on Friday for air show practice.

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    --Meadowbrook has three lanes
    --Wantaugh has 2 lanes, also the bike path has a lot of eye candy on bikes causing traffic jams for no other reason
    --From Lido beach, the trek is LOOOOONG! and two lanes. Got stuck on that once. No thanks, never again.

    You do the math... also important to get to the beach before 8:00am if you can, definitely no later than 9:00am ... plenty of parking but very slow ingress!!
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    Took Ocean Parkway to field 5, got backed up a little because everyone wanted in to field 4. Get there by 8am and skip the Wantagh and Meadowbrook. Empire Pass Port has done well for me the past 2 years (as long as you go to at least 6 state parks in a summer it's worth every penny). Don't plan on eaving right after the show's over. My wife and i tailgated after because of the line up to get out.

    Biggest tip, check out the forums on here! This site was a huge help for this year's show!


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