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Thread: Syria Shoots Down Turkish Military Jet

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    Syria Shoots Down Turkish Military Jet

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    RIP to the almost surely deceased pilots. Aside, I'm almost happy Syria is finally dong something that will help draw in other nations to deliver an ass-kicking to them.
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    The human rights abuses that I believe are happening over there can only be stopped by direct intervention this incident seems to be on the verge of facilitating.

    The problem is, and this has long ago been stated by people much smarter than myself, this is not Libya. This is a complex situation that involves Syria as consumers of Russian weaponry, and this business relationship precludes them from taking a stance against the Assad regime either militarily or in the court of world opinion. It is also a big reason why the US has stayed out of this.

    I'm not sure how it needs to happen, but the Syrian government certainly needs to pay for what appears to be the brutal treatment of its own citizenry. My hope is that Russia embraces the wisdom to stand aside when it does so that it can be completed as quickly and with as little loss of life as possible.


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