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Thread: HMX-1 at JRB

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    Where the PARK routing crosses the Expressway Visual 31

    HMX-1 at JRB

    Anyone see/shoot the Marine flotilla that dropped in at Wall Street around 2 on Friday? It was the same arrangement as the Presidential entourage but, obviously, the President wasn't there, so I assume it was either practice or qualifying some new crews. 2x VH-3, 3x CH-46. Didn't see the VH-3s depart, but the -46s formed up and headed SE towards Governors Island and the VZ, so I assume back to JFK.

    2 POTUS visits upcoming in quick succession - an afternoon arrival on Monday, and another trip on the 14th.

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    I saw two CH-46s over my place in Brooklyn. They circled around four or five times before leaving.
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