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Thread: What's your diet like?

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    What's your diet like?

    What do you usually eat on a day to day basis? What do you treat yourself with?

    I eat pretty bland stuff for the most part, trying to get needed nutrition in a changing schedule. Many eggs, some protein drinks (reluctantly, I hate them but sometimes only protein source), lots of pasta, oatmeal, and sandwiches.

    I treat myself to oysters whenever only real "expensive" indulgence, and enjoy dining when the time allows.

    I drink a lot of soda, though (Sprite, Pepsi). I just cut coffee and Red Bull out of my diet. I also cut out a majority of my drinking, keeping it to the occasional beer and when I go out. I only drink heaviyl when Scuderi is around haha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil D. View Post
    I only drink heaviyl when Scuderi is around haha.
    I don't blame you...

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    A word to the wise...keep it under your one is to know...
    Mostly poultry, lots of vegetables and pasta. I'm one of those that will only slow down when I'm dead so good carbs are a must. Unfortunately, I'm severely allergic to seafood so thats out for me. I too cut Red Bull out of the picture but I simply cannot give up coffee. I rarely drink soda so after a few morning coffees, it's water the rest of the way with the occasional vodka tonic or wine with dinner (or breakfast lol).
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    Lots of chicken & turkey. I'll "treat" myself to red meat (steak, a good burger) once or twice a week if I'm really busy.
    I should eat more vegetables, but my schedule doesn't allow for proper eating, so I'm looking at 1 or 2 a day with dinner.
    I know it's not perfect, but, pizza seems to find it's way onto my menu at least once a week.
    As for drinks, mostly water or unsweetened iced tea. I'll have a soda here and there, but I have cut back on them considerably over the last year.
    Snacks...almonds, walnuts or a protein bar.

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    Thanks to my girlfriend's cooking I eat WAY better than I used to. Gotta have my coffee, then water the rest of the day, soda maybe once a month now. I try to eat fruits and veggies for snacks like raw broccoli, carrots, apples, pears, oranges, bananas, also sunflower seeds, she makes me granola bars, I eat a lot of cereal, etc. BUT....I can only do this for so long....then I have to have steak/burgers/chicken/fries/ice cream to break up the nutritious monotony. I figure I can do this if I keep up my running, I run about 3-4 miles almost daily. I'm running an 8k tomorrow morning, and I'm sure that I'll be rewarding myself with some sort of barbequed meat by dinner.

    And let's not forget the beer, wine, and scotch that is to be enjoyed responsibly.

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    I eat every 2-4 hours in smaller portions; breakfast within 45 min of awakening (usually cereal or egg whites or greek yogurt, nuts and blackberries);

    (blackberries are great for vasodilation of the penis. Yes, thats what she says..)

    throughout the day its protein (chicken usually, turkey, some red meat, little pork), some whole wheat (bread or quinoa or brown rice). Spicy is good.
    Working in the office, that can vary from Thai to Chinese to Deli. If hte gals are ordering pizza, Im usually doing a whole wheat slice topped with grilled chicken and broccoli,)

    sushi (naruto usually) or sashimi, no white rice once every week or two.

    I keep protein shakes if Im in a pinch.

    <<If I have white pasta, that comes now rarely once a month (Im talking rigatoni or fettucini alfreddo)>>

    At bedtime, its usually a piece of meat OR a handful of almonds or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

    Workout 3 days a week with little cardio.
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    When I am traveling (which is often) I often hunt down a Starbucks and get lemon bread, and a Mocha...when I am at home it is stuff like pasta, soup, etc.
    Drinking for me: nope, unless you mean soda and nonalcoholic beverages.

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    Recently I have made alot of major adjustments to my diet, I tend to eat alot better when I am single... Im the morning I do ham and eggs, I usually have some fruit around 1300L as well and than around 1600 to 1700L I'll do a mid evening meal. After that I try not to eat anything other than fruits or veggies unless I am drinking. I do however drink about 2 nights a week average. I subside on coffee and ice water mostly though.
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