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Thread: Omni Air Operating a 757 for Spirit at LGA thru Memorial Day !

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    Omni Air Operating a 757 for Spirit at LGA thru Memorial Day !

    For anyone desiring a shot of the 1 757-200 operated by Omni Air International at LGA instead of JFK it is operating for Spirit between LGA and FLL through Memorial Day (perhaps longer) as Spirits lone A-321 is in heavy maintenance. It overnights in LGA departing at 0645 as NK 705 (it uses a Spirit call sign) and returns on Flight 180 at 1433 turning 171 departing at 1530. Despite the generous turn times its been running an hour or more late all week. For anyone not at the airshow this weekend LGA will likely be on 22 again Saturday as Southwest winds are forecast and Runway 13-31 is scheduled to be closed until 1800 local.

    Kind of ironic an aircraft that is the only one of its type with its carrier is replacing the same at another carrier. Despite the cloudy weather or worse all week I did manage to grab a few ok shots so far here are my 2 favorites.


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    damn, im in the Bronx till Tues. I didnt even bring my camera or else I would head to LGA to catch it....
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    Saw it on 5/27 and 5/28. Took few shots for rwy 13 departure. Very nice.
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    When NAA did the same subservice for Spirit, I was amazed that Spirit had more seats on their A321 than NAA did in an all-economy 757.
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