Hi guys!

I have some videos for you.

In March I got a new camcorder and was able to record some beautiful videos, I hope you like them :D

Condor, B757-300 [D-ABOB] Normally, they only fly with A320 to Berlin .. to Arrecife

Rossiya, Antonov AN-148 [RA-61706], sometimes they fly with this aircraft to Berlin, but normally with A319 oder B737-500 .. to St.Petersburg

ELAL, B737-800 [4X-EKA] .. to Tel Aviv

Norwegian, B737-800 [LN-NYB] .. to Stavanger

easyJet Switzerland, A319 [HB-JZJ] .. I dont know the destination, sorry

and the last video for today:
easyJet, A320 hard crosswind landing at Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF)

Thanks for watching - I hope you like my videos.

Greetings from Berlin,