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Thread: Shuttle over NYC in 1983

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    Shuttle over NYC in 1983

    I was an aviation enthusiast for most of my life. When I heard that the Enterprise Shuttle would fly-over NYC back on June 10, 1983, I wanted to view this spectacle. I had to go to work that day, but managed to get to the roof of the building after 2 PM. They said it would fly-over the North Bronx at 2:25 then head to LGA, pass over Queens, then head to the VZ Bridge. I thought she was on her way to the Paris Air Show but I was mistaken. She was enroute to Scott AF Base in IL after passing Toronto. The sight was breathtaking but I never brought my camera or binoculars to work. It was a sight I always remembered. Did anybody else reading this see it as well? This should be repeated next week but I don't think the flight will visit Brooklyn. There could be disappointment if we enthusiasts miss this due to a low ceiling or a change of flight plans. Good luck to us all. I wish she would arrive using the VOR 13R approach as viewers could see this from the Brooklyn shoreline. It's the longest runway but she could come-in on 31L. I think the 22's/4's are too short so they are not a good choice.

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    My father tells me of this day. Also one of the reasons I'm a huge Enterprise fan!
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    I was talking with my neighbor about the shuttle this afternoon. He was working construction at the time (actually, he still does) and remembers they were putting a roof on a new building. When they stopped to take a break, the guy working 20 feet away from him said "Did you see the space shuttle fly over a little while ago?" To this day, he still curses the guy for not saying something when it went over.

    He decided to see if he can get a day off to join me to watch Enterprise come in this week.

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    I sure remember that. Was on East 60st by 3rd Ave as it passed overhead!!! So COOL!!!!!!

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    I am currently sitting at IAD waiting for my flight to Dubai. The shuttle is still here sitting atop the 747 at the far end of the terminal. I heard that the Monday flight to NYC is delayed. BTW, really bad rain here, heading to NYC.

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