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Thread: Exporting a Runway light to Germany

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    Exporting a Runway light to Germany

    Hey guys,

    I got a nice gift from my friend who's working at JFK for the TSA.

    I want to ship it now to germany couse i have to leave the country at June 23.
    Can i sent it with UPS,DHL etc without problems?

    Thanks for you help

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    Dennis, you will get thrown in jail for that... so just give them to me

    Seriosuly, I do not think it will pose any trouble... they may be made by Siemens for all we know
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    The light will be intercepted in transit, and returned to the shipping site where an employee will confiscate it for being suspicious. Within a matter of hours, you will have an unmarked helicopter land on your front lawn with a federal agent waving the light at you so you don't try to run. You will then be interrogated for several more hours. Just make sure you have your camera ready so you get shots of the heli this time ;-) should be fine! I got one off Ebay a few years ago, although it was shipped domestically but I can't imagine there would be any issue.
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    I'm sure since its the TSA he stole it... LOLOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by threeholerglory View Post
    Just make sure you have your camera ready so you get shots of the heli this time ;-)
    Hey, I got a picture of the helicopter landing. :-)


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