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Thread: Mojave (KMHV) and Victorville (KVCV) Retired Aircraft Visits

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    Mojave (KMHV) and Victorville (KVCV) Retired Aircraft Visits

    Good Afternoon All;

    My father and I are planning a trip in mid April to visit these two airports in hopes of seeing some of the older aircraft which are now retired. Neither of us are involved with aviation photography however we would like to get as up close and personal to the birds just for a visit.

    Would anyone happen to have a recent experience and/or advice they would mind sharing so we may make the most of our trip in April?

    We are both very excited!

    Thank You


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    The only airport "graveyard" I ever saw was just north of Tucson from I-10. I think it is called Evergreen. I did research and learned that its not open to the public sadly and guards will chase-away spotters. I saw from the highway, old Aer Lingus and KLM 747s which must be destroyed for parts salvage by now as that was back in 1995.

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    I was just over at Mohave in January. There really isn't much to see up close. Most of the stored aircraft, like the Southern Air 747's are in the middle of the field, and unless you have access, you can only see them from a very far distance. There are two gate guards that you can walk up to, however; a Convair 990 and an F-4. I believe they might have had graveyard tours in the past; I don't know if they still offer those or not.

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    I contacted both of these airports last spring about visits/tours. Unfortunately these airports do not offer tours or allow the public inside the fence. I guess it may be a different story if you know someone there, but i wouldn't count on getting a tour. As far as how close you can be to things in their graveyard, I don't really have any info to add.
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