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Thread: Plane Crash debris in Jamaica Bay

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    Plane Crash debris in Jamaica Bay

    With today being the 50th anniversary of AA1 (crashed in Pumpkin Patch Channel in Jamaica Bay), it got me thinking. With all of the crashes around IDL/JFK in the 50s and 60s, are there still remnants of plane crashes at the bottom of Jamaica Bay? Did they make an effort to recover the aircraft for analysys back in the day like they do today?

    When ALM flight 980 (DC-9 enroute from JFK to St. Maarten) ditched near St. Croix in 1970, the aircraft sank and no effort was made to recover. I wonder if anyone has attempted to photograph these wrecks?
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    That's some pretty shallow water there in the Channel, I'm sure they got most of AA1 up. Whatever they didn't, I'm sure the interceding 5 decades of tidal movements have swept it all out to sea.

    Look at Valuejet 592- same conditions 34 years later. I'm sure it was the same thing where they got most of it. There sure wasn't any large, recognizable pieces of planes(or people) left behind

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    Jamaica Bay, until recently, was a living, breathing cesspool. I'm pretty sure the Smog Monster ate all of those airframes to renew his energy for his on-going battle with Godzilla.
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