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Thank you! Yes, this is with the old beat up 80-400 VR. It is a great lens if you set it correctly: turn off the VR and shoot it at f7.1. It's not a perfect lens by any means, but given the range, it is the perfect travel lens.Rumor has it that Nikon filed a patent for an internal focus 80-400 design... time will tell if we ever see it.SunilPS, I wanted to post the shot quickly so I edited it on my crappy laptop and missed the huge dust spot and color cast (my D200 likes to cast every shot green for some reason). It's re uploaded looking a little better I hope.
I remember the threads on anet with Royal when we discussed this lens LOL. Sunil is right though. I did find much better results turning off the VR and using a monopod. I just found it a little too heavy. Especially on a windy day in LAS. On the top of the garage trying to get crisp departures. Even in perfect light. Great day Sunil hope you get back or I get down soon. I may do a BWI trip soon!