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Thread: NASA Day of Remembrance

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    NASA Day of Remembrance

    NASA has put together this page to give tribute to those who have been lost in the space program. I recommend watching the video for each of the 3 disasters.
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    Thanks for the link,Phil. I wasn't alive when Apollo 1 caught fire,but I still remember where and what I was doing when Challenger and Columbia were lost. I have a relative who worked for NASA for almost 40 years until retiring after the last Shuttle launch. He knew most of the crew members of both of the ill fated Shuttles,and I always enjoyed listening to some of the stories he told of the astronauts. I have a piece of a tile that flew on Challenger's first launch.


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    When I was in Houston providing some training to my peers at NASA, I was able to get a tour that not many folks get to see (even those that pay). On the floor in one of the buildings where the nodes for the International Space Station (ISS) are worked on the NASA workers have this memorial for the ones that paid the ultimate sacrifice.

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