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Thread: Photos of aircraft ferrying spare engines

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    Photos of aircraft ferrying spare engines

    I thought this would be an interesting topic. Although Iíve never seen aircraft configured for this mission in person, Iíve heard that ferrying a spare engine under-wing has been done for many years.

    So I googled the subject and found a thread on that has some info and photos. Really cool stuff!

    Has anyone got any photos of aircraft in the NYC area that were ferrying engines?
    What kind of restrictions do those aircraft have when flying here?

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    When I use to work at JFK airport many many moon's ago, I did see 747's ferrying a engine under the wing.
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    I have always found the ability of older airplanes to do this facinating from the science side of it. I wonder what kind of performance penalties are incurred as a result if ferrying an engine. I know they stick a doughnut lock on the engine to prevent windmilling and additional drag. I know for a fact we have at least two 747 pilots that are regulars on the forum. One of which I know flies the classic. Maybe they would have some information buried deep into their heads on this.
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