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Thread: Your Christmas List

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    I forgot to put something on my list.........I would also like the USAF to put the single ship demo teams (at least one of each) back on the airshow schedule for 2012.
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    Less stress across the board. Everything else, I can afford to get for myself. Pure, plain and simple. Maybe a world with TWA and PanAm back as well. Just saying.
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    Me like the Robert Downey Jr of cooooooookies!
    All I asked for was a new pair of sweats and a personal grooming kit.
    Funny but we usually use the holidays and get stuff for us.
    So got some gift cards and wine for the home. Some theater tixx for her.

    The kids r easy so far. Dolls for her and Lego for him. ( he got Siddley the jet from Cars2 last week and loves it)

    Bu yeah, I'm at the age where I material stuff I can do without.
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    I've also gotten to the point that material things are not what matters anymore. I wish for more time with family and friends.

    My parents are starting to get up there in years, and I don't get the chance to see them enough. I know when they have moved on to the next dimension it's going to be really rough to get over.

    Every year I start by planning to spot at least once a month at JFK and/or LGA, if I lived closer it would be different. However, when it all boils down to it, the most I've spotted the last 5 years had been 7 times in one year. I look forward to each spotting adventure as the makeup of this group has a bunch of great people, and every time out brings a day of laughs and catching up.


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