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Thread: anyone work at lga, jfk, nwr or with any airlines here?

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    anyone work at lga, jfk, nwr or with any airlines here?

    i would really like to start working at airports, i recently developed an interest in airplanes for some reason. maybe it's the professionalism of pilots and how everyone looks up to them. right now i have to finish my major in mechanical engineering technology, so i'm just looking for any jobs i can get in an airport. then i'll start my a&p and pilot lessons after i get my degree.

    i have looked and searched for websites that have a list of open jobs. all of those were office managers, mixed technicians for different airlines. i was wondering if anybody here works at the nearby airports can point me to a website i can fill out an application to. such applications for ticket counter agents all the way to ramp agents.

    or flight attendant applications for any airlines in the united states. it would be great if you guys know someone who is hiring flight attendant and can pm me a phone number i could call, thanks!

    i made a mistake in the title, i meant EWR.
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    All hiring is done on the web nowadays through the companies website directly. Even if you know someone at that airline, you will still need to put your application in online. They usually ask if you know someone who works for them, ask for a name, or over at Jet Blue, will email you a form that the person you know can fill out to recommend you then email it back.

    The best thing to do is get a list of the airlines that service the airport you would like to work at. At EWR I know for a fact that Continental Express is based there as I know someone who flies the Embrarer. Next go to the website of that airline, look for the "careers" or "work here" section (you may have to really look for it) and then search for the open jobs. You will most likely be able to narrow the search down to the airport you want, or at least the city. If the jobs you are interested in aren't listed, ie: FA or ticket agent, then there are no openings at present.

    You have to be persistant and keep looking by coming back to the website regularly. Some websites actually have a feature where you can be alerted to job openings by subscribing to an email list. Airlines are tough to break into. You may fill out the app and never here nothing back. What is your work background? Do you have any customer service experience? This is something they will be looking for. Keep an eye out for career fairs too. This way you might get a chance to meet the hiring manager in person which is a big plus!

    Good Luck.

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    Hi there,

    I also wouldn't limit yourself to just "airlines" - there are many many job opportunities in the aviation field, especially given your education and your field of expertise - "mechanical engineering technology". THAT IS HUGE PLUS. Aviation companies like Gulfstream Aerospace, Boeing, and Bombardier are always looking for "engineers" of one sort or another.

    I echo, ch2tdriver's advice - all sound, informative information.

    Good luck to you.
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