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Thread: A few from KMKE

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    A few from KMKE

    I was able to get out and get a couple from KMKE.

    The smoke from the fire in Northern Minnesota made for terrible spotting conditions on Tuesday.





    The air was clearer on Wednesday




    These were all from the 6th floor of the parking ramp. Had a nice chat with the local sheriff and TSA. Both were professional and just checked my ID and said have a nice day.

    MKE was a nice diversion from KMSP, lots of Frontier and AirTran, not too much Delta (although I did get a nice DC9). The parking garage is a little far from the main runway, 400mm was needed for full frame on the larger planes and a lot of cropping would be required on the smaller planes. The light is good in the evening, morning shots would be totally back lit. There was a spotting area at the end of the main runway, but I was not able how to get good shots from there.
    Jeremy in Minnesota

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    MKE is fairly spotter-friendly, with the spotting area at the north end of 19R. As you discovered, the parking garage is also acceptable, just be prepared to get checked out...not normally a big deal. I've been up there for a few hours though and they left me alone. I guess it all depends on their mood.
    The spotting area is good for afternoon and evening shots when they are using 19R, but sometimes they will run a combo pattern with departures on 19R and arrivals on 25L. In this case the arrivals are too far off for even a 400mm...for departures on 19R you will need some way to "get over" the two fences that are in your way. I use the back bed of my truck with a three-step stool, it works nicely.

    Supposedly they are going to be putting in a new spotting area near the end of 7R, but so far haven't seen it happen.

    -George Widener
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